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*grabs skateboard* babe im gonna do this radical trick to show u i love u

*breaks leg trying to do radical trick* babe i did this for u

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u can still be thug as hell even if you cry everyday right

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Anonymous Asked: do you frequent glory holes?

No…I’ve never actually seen or been to one to be quite honest. 

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Anonymous Asked: favorite eye color on a person?


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Can’t Fight This Feeling | REO Speedwagon

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everyBOdy wants to suck my dick……..

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Anonymous Asked: Least favorite food?


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datsalamence replied to your post: anonymous asked:Do you still talk…

Pretty sure you just kidnap your son.

First of all Sheldon, how dare you. 

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Touch my legs I just shaved.

I thought you were a man Sheldon……

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