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how the bi-bros get fit quick

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askikulil thank you very much for watching our house this weekend. There’s lots of food in the fridge and I left you some money for pizza or something. Try not to leave too much of a mess (jk!!) and if you watch a movie just dont watch any of the tapes labeled ‘weekend titties’

♥ ya

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having a very gay weekend with my bf julian! we rented a nice cabin for his birthday u w u

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askikulil replied to your post “Happy birthday Julain!! *Slides $20 under ur window and leaves.*”

*Climbs in through the window* o k ay

ok heres the keys watch the house for the weekend remy and i are going on a trip thanks ikulil youre a real pal (runs out door)



#so ill basically be standing outside because i dont want to sit anywhere you guys have done it

yea tbh you’ll prob want to bring an air mattress…

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happy birthday to my sweet and cute and wonderful boyfriend mrjulian ♥♥

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me when i look in the mirror?

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Anonymous Asked: meat head

haters to the left

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